Who We Are

The UCF colony of Sigma Nu was founded in March 2003 largely through the actions of UCF students Joshua Wagoner and Joshua Margolis as well as National representatives of Sigma Nu. At the conclusion of the Spring 2003 semester the Colony had expanded their ranks, established officers for the year, and graduated their first Sigma Nu Candidate. The Colony hit many new milestones in development with implementation of new policies and adapting the colony by-laws, involvement in Greek Week 2004, various Greek philanthropies, and intramural sports. In fall 2004 Sigma Nu's efforts to establish a reputation for honorable men seeking a quality brotherhood with zero tolerance for hazing practices paid off with the recruitment of nineteen new members, diversely representing all collegiate age groups and quickly becoming involved in various aspects of the colony. 

On November 12, 2005, 61 founding fathers were inducted into the Legion of Honor, transforming from the UCF Colony to the Mu Psi Chapter of Sigma Nu. In the Fall semester of 2007, two more milestones were reached. The first being the inaugural Homecoming win for the Mu Psi chapter. Alongside the ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma and the men of Alpha Epsilon Pi and Lambda Sigma Upsilon, a homecoming first place overall trophy was secured. Shortly after that, the first annual Volley for Christy charity volleyball tournament raised almost $2,000 dollars for the Child Cancer Fund. During the Summer of 2008, the Mu Psi chapter of Sigma Nu received the highest honor bestowed upon individual chapters. Sigma Nu headquarters awarded Mu Psi with the Rock Chapter award, showing that the UCF chapter has become one of the greatest chapters in all of the fraternity. As we strive to become better each year, we try to remember our past accomplishments so we may build on them and always become greater.  


The Chapter continues to grow as men of quality, defending the Honor of Sigma Nu and working with utmost respect for Sigma Nu Alumni and National Headquarters. Each month brings more prestige to this organization as the gentlemen of the Sigma Nu Mu Psi Chapter aspire to be the finest brotherhood of fraternity men at UCF, committed to the virtues of Love, Honor, and Truth.

The Sigma Nu Chapter at UCF celebrated it's 10 year anniversary at UCF in November 2015.


UCF Sigma Nu